Street Fighter 6: a second closed beta test will take place from December 16 to 19 – News

Playable content
Character Creation (First Time Only), Ranked Matches, Friend Matches, Battle Hub Matches, Open Tournaments, Practice Mode, Merchandise Store Center, Extreme Battles (Daily), Game Center (Daily), Challenges (Daily), DJ Booth, Photo Location.

Playable characters
Luke, Jamie, Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Kimberly, Juri, Ken.

Playable Stages
Metro City Center, Genbu Temple, Byron Taylor Aircraft Carrier, Tian Hong Yuan, The Macho Ring, Training Hall.

avatar creation
You can customize your avatar that appears in the Battle Hub when you first play the game.
Please note that you cannot save/load avatar recipes or recreate your avatar during the Closed Beta.

Available functions
Cross-platform play, Command Types (Modern/Classic), Comments (Commentators: Vicious/Tasty Steve/Aru/KOSUKE HIRAIWA/James Chen/Demon Kakka), CFN (Fighter List/Replays/Rankings), Battle Query Function Online Match, Battle Tutorials, Battle Settings, Photo Mode

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