Struck for his misogynistic column, Jeremy Clarkson wrote an apology email to Meghan and Harry

Jeremy Clarkson explains that he usually reads his texts “to someone else” before sending them to the tabloid. Except that that day, he was alone at home. And he was “press”. “When the chronicle appeared the next day, the mine exploded”, he recalls. If he ignored the remarks at first, he ended up “take a copy of the Sun to see where all the commotion was coming from.” “I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Did I really say that? It was horrible”he continues.

He talks about his awareness of having “shit”his perspiration mixed with a feeling of cold and then “his racing heart”. He discovers in particular his words: “At night I can’t sleep and I lie there, gritting my teeth and dreaming of the day when she’ll be paraded naked through the streets of every city in the UK, while the crowds shout ‘Shame!’ and throw excrement on him”.


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