Support Belgian City-Builder Earth of Oryn on Kickstarter

It’s not often that we can highlight a belgian independent projectso we don’t deprive ourselves when possible.

Almost 2 years ago, Édouard gave up everything to solo develop an indie strategy/city-builder gamein a medieval world filled with history called Earth of Oryn.

In order to reach his goal and to remain a solo developer to the maximum, the solo developer has just launched his kick starter, which will allow him to launch a version beta in Early Access on Steam. You can also find more details about the game there. official site is already online.

It will be about defending your kingdom against external and internal threats. Natural disasters, wild animals, disease, riots, crime, bandits and hostile kingdoms are just a few of the many threats to your legacy.

Thanks to the creative mode, build your kingdom as you wish. Starting from scratch, you will have to shape your own kingdom while meeting the needs and desires of your people. In the campaign mode, the player will have to take his people to new lands, discovering new fauna and flora along the way.

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