Surprise, DIIV releases a new live album!

The popes of dreampop unveiled this night “Live at Murmrr Theater”, a compilation of live recordings boxed in 2017 with, as a bonus, a cover of My Bloody Valentine and another by Alex G.

If we are to believe the video extract shared this night, the twilight atmosphere on the stage of the Murmrr Theater, in Brooklyn, had everything to recall that of the MTV set during the passage of Nirvana as part of the series “unplugged” of the American chain, in 1993. Wilted flowers galore, everyday objects: welcome to the reconstituted living room of tortured youth made in the USA. Last night, the New Yorkers of DIIV, who have since moved to Los Angeles, unveiled a collection of boxed titles during an intimate show in 2017, a few months after the release of Is the Is Are (2016), the band’s second album. They accompany this release with a clip immortalizing the moment, where we see the group performing Dopamine.

Entitled Live at Murmrr Theaterthis live documents the return to the stage of the quartet, after the narcotic setbacks of its leader Zachary Cole Smith: “As of August 2017, I was five months sober and DIIV hadn’t played a concert in almost a year. Our friend Ric helped us set up an intimate acoustic show in a venue in our hometown of Brooklyn. We decorated the stage with items from our homes and played our home videos on a TV”he recalls in a press release.

On the menu of this beautiful gift, rearranged versions of songs from the first two DIIV albums (Oshinin 2012 and Is the Is Arein 2016), as well as covers of My Bloody Valentine (When You Sleep) and Alex G (Hollow). Enjoy.

Album: Live at The Murmrr Theater (Captured Tracks)

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