Sustainable development. ISTA Zenata certified

ISTA Zenata has been awarded the High Environmental Quality Building label.

ISTA Zenata has been awarded the High Environmental Quality Building label.

The OFPPT announces that its new institute in Zenata has obtained High Environmental Quality Building certification. The said institute thus becomes the first and only training center in Morocco to obtain such a certification. “The certification of ISTA Zenata is the result of the partnership agreement between the OFPPT and the development company Zenata, a subsidiary of the CDG Development group, through which the SAZ has undertaken to support the OFPPT for the obtaining this label”, explains the OFPPT.

This new institute, as specified by the office, required a budget of 47.6 MDH, including 25 MDH for studies and construction and 22.6 MDH dedicated to equipment. The center has a capacity of 493 teaching places and provides a training offer covering 12 sectors, open to digital professions and artificial intelligence, management and commerce in addition to electrical and mechanical engineering.

The OFPPT also points out that the new center reinforces the training system in the Casablanca-Settat region, which includes 112 establishments including 12 approved centers and 12 others as part of the prisoner reintegration program. This system provides a training offer of 104,400 places, with 289 courses in 10 sectors of activity: Industry, Construction, Transport & Logistics, Hospitality & Tourism, Green Economy, Health, Agriculture, Crafts, Management & Commerce as well as Digital & Artificial intelligence. “The training offer provided at the regional level is made up of 65% diploma courses and 26% qualifying courses. 9% is dedicated to the Bac Pro and the Collegial Course”, specifies the office adding that “this system also includes 6 boarding schools with 1,060 beds, open to trainees, in order to meet the accommodation and catering needs of young people from localities distant”.

A city of trades and skills is planned from the year 2023-2024 in the region on an area of ​​16 hectares with a capacity of 5435 teaching places.



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