Syndrome E: would you even dare to watch this thriller?

Between murders and psychological dramas, plunge into a hectic and stressful series: Syndrome E.


Broadcast on September 21 at 8:00 p.m. on Tipik

If you lack adrenaline, this new series will perk you up. Welcome to the world of E-syndrome, a thriller that does not lack spice. To realize this, it is enough to evoke the first 20 minutes. There is a jumble of the defenestration of a major criminal by a cop (Vincent Elbaz) who sees his daughter dead everywhere, the kidnapping of a child in a street in Casablanca, and a policewoman (Jennifer Decker) who shoots on his colleague with tears of blood on his face after finding a friend killed in his home. The icing on the cake: the corpse of the latter is found in the morgue… without his brain. Sound a bit chaotic? Rest assured, this jumble dissipates quickly. These events introduce the different characters that we will follow throughout the series and who will meet sooner or later.

Nevertheless, the tone is set. As you have guessed, sensitive souls abstain because the nerves of the viewers are well solicited here. By crossing the worlds of the police and psychological drama, this series adapted from a novel by Franck Thilliez (sold to seven million copies) gives us cold sweats. The main characters are thus terrified by their hallucinations against which they struggle to investigate these intertwining affairs. The tension is still quite high, despite a few jokes that relax the atmosphere at times. On the other hand, immersion is guaranteed. The rhythm attracts our attention and does not let go of us thereafter. An even more captivating story when you know that it is inspired by children kidnapped and tortured in Canada and dark scientific experiments. It’s sure: in the thriller genre, we are dealing with a good vintage.

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