SYNEG launches a shared platform

From March 2023, will be the first shared platform for manufacturer-certified original spare parts.

The websitewhich will be fully operational in the spring of 2023, was on display at SIRHA on the stand of Rosinox. is the result of a long process launched by Eric Auchere, Quality and After-Sales Service Director at Rosinox-Friginox, who chairs the SYNEG After-Sales Working Group. To date, 8 manufacturers – Befor Technitrans, Comenda, Friginox, ITV Ice Makers (Codigel), Metos, Rescaset, Rosinox and Socamel – joined the adventure and installed all their documentation in this database which allows installers to know the state of the manufacturer’s stock, discuss for their customers and order on line the original spare parts of all the devices marketed by the company. ” Before seeing the light of day, required a lot of work to update the documentation, but today we are ready says Éric Auchère, a regular at this exercise since before arriving in the professional world he had carried out the same work in household appliances. ” The advantage of this platform is that it is a real tool for the after-sales service of manufacturers who can, thanks to it, send in real time to technicians, in the field or not, links to tutorials, which can be retrieved on a phone or tablet, if they ever encounter a particular difficulty “. The tool is particularly advanced since it is even possible to send the precise sequence of a tutorial to a technician’s phone when he is troubleshooting or changing a part. Previewed at SIRHA Lyon, immediately won over the representatives of installer groups, many of whom came to the show. Éric Auchère hopes that other manufacturers will soon join them. because we have ensured that each company is autonomous and masters its documentation, videos, etc. It was imperative that confidentiality between manufacturers be respected. On the other hand, on the user side, when an installation company registers and is a customer, it can have access to all the documentation and have access to a global reporting tool on its purchases. And it is guaranteed to receive manufacturer-certified original parts, i.e. with all the guarantees offered by the various standards to which manufacturers are subject to offer their customers compliant devices (CE, UKCA, Morocco , CB etc.) he insists. A guarantee for the installer but above all for the end customer and which leaves no one indifferent at a time when alternatives to original parts can cause incidents in the operation of appliances.


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