Tales of Symphonia Remastered Trailer Coming Soon, Date Finally Announced

The remastered version of one of the classics of the PlayStation 2 and the Gamecube is coming to an end. Indeed, Nintendo has announced that Tales of Symphonia Remastered will be released on February 17, 2023 on the majority of platforms.

Prepare your beginning of the year 2023 to dive into a big bath of nostalgia. Indeed, the Nintendo Direct last September revealed to us Tales of Symphonia Remastered. Eventually, it was dated by Bandai Namco on November 9 during the Nintendo Indie World aired in the late afternoon. The game is expected for February 17, 2023. This refurbished version of the 2000s classic will be available on most consoles. Indeed, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox ONE, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5 may benefit from this title.

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