Television. From the Brothers Grimm to Conan, how fantasy was forged for our societies

It is omnipresent in our societies. Inspiring, here, vast sagas narrating power struggles around a coveted throne; there, legends of little men on whom weigh the weight of great destinies – and this is not, Willow Ufgood could testify, only writings of Tolkien which one wants to speak. Fantasy, note Alexis and Yannis Metzinger, irrigates literature as well as cinema or television. They know what they are talking about: the founders in 2004 of the Strasbourg company Cerigo have been tracking its multiple manifestations for almost ten years, as accomplished and passionate documentary filmmakers.

“Our desire was to go and see what could have brought Tolkien”

Their previous series on the subject, In search of the hobbit then Dragons saw their cameras follow the wanderings of the star illustrator John Howe, who was leaving by the…

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