the 10 crazy offers this Tuesday!

Unlike other very short commercial periods, and only taking place over a few days, the Sales are a marathon taking place over almost a month, with four big highlights not to be missed or risk missing out on discounts increasingly important and ever lower prices on your favorite high-tech products.

The first date is already behind us since Wednesday January 11 marked the start of the 2023 Sales. For six days already, the various e-merchants have been offering us strong promotions on a very wide choice of tech devices, including the essentials smartphones, laptops or 4K TVs, but also on PC accessories, wireless headphones and connected objects for the whole house

This past first week, we will enter the second markdown. As you probably know, if you are already used to taking advantage of the Sales to redo your wardrobe in clothing stores, every Wednesday is the occasion for a new markdown, i.e. an even greater drop in prices. to help you achieve the maximum possible savings.

This year, it’s Wednesday January 18, tomorrow therefore, that this second markdown will take place, with ever greater promotions on products already offered since the start of the Sales. It will also be an opportunity for e-merchants to offer you new exceptional offers, kept warm only for the second markdown.

On Wednesday, January 25, the third markdown will put new pressure on the prices of your favorite items. If you still haven’t benefited from the Sales, this will be the perfect time to pick up your smartphone or touch pad at the best price on the web and avoid the first stock-outs.

February 1, the fourth and last markdown of the 2023 Sales. This date will also launch the countdown before the end of the Sales, which will take place on Wednesday February 8 in the early morning. You will only have seven days left to complete your shopping and benefit from incredibly low prices, with discounts of up to -80% on your products, but also on a range of online services. Note this date, then it will be too late to buy smart!

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