the 3rd quarterly return of 2022 at 1 MAD/share

Immortente Invest announced that the 3rd quarterly return of the year 2022, set at 1 MAD/share and scheduled for posting on the Stock Exchange on September 20, will be paid on the 29th of the same month.

From September 2021, Immorente Invest has implemented an innovative scheme to intensify its distributions by moving to a quarterly rhythm, i.e. 4 annual payments instead of a single payment. It should be noted that all quarterly payments will be of the same amount except for the 2nd payment occurring after the closing of the annual accounts, in July, which will be greater than the other three payments.“, says the company in a press release.

And remember that the 1st yield, paid on April 28, was 1 MAD/share, while the 2nd yield (2.5 MAD/share) was paid on July 6.

As for the 4th return, its payment date is set for December 22nd.

Listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, Immorente Invest is a company that owns factories, offices and logistics assets, all leased to large multinational companies and large Moroccan groups. It collects these rents and pays them to its shareholders.

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