The Affinity creative software suite is released in version 2, Publisher finally available on iPad

The English company Serif has just released Version 2 of its creative software suite. Their interface has been completely redesigned and each hosts dozens of new features.

Serif is not overreacting and announces not only the release of Version 2 of its Affinity software suite, but also the availability on iPad of Affinity Publisher and a one-time payment universal license. In short, there is food and drink for Designer 2, Photo 2 and Publisher 2.

Hundreds of new

Exhaustiveness is difficult here as the new features of Affinity V2 are numerous. But it is possible to start this little overview by specifying that the interfaces of the three creative software have been reviewed. The user experience is therefore more fluid and simple to understand. In terms of novelties, we can first note those arriving on Affinity Designer. It is now possible to find a knife tool to slice into shapes, a tool for measuring lengths and areas or even an X-ray view that breaks down the work done to modify specific elements.

Affinity v2 Launch Publisher 2 for iPad
Coming out on iPad, the Publisher software complements the Affinity suite on Apple tablets. ©Serif

On the side of the photo editing software, there is an improvement in dynamic masks with options geared towards the work of brightness or tints. In addition to adding a dynamic warping grid, Affinity Photo 2 sees its painting tools improved for better performance and precision. Publisher 2, for its part, now allows you to combine, on PC only, several separate documents into chapters in order to create long publications. Publisher also allows you to add footnotes for example and to create an automation of the layout.

The complete suite on Ipad

But the main novelty of Publisher 2 is its arrival on iPad. With its availability, the Affinity suite is finally complete on Apple tablets, with an interface and controls suitable for finger use. Publisher has a quick options menu and a new radial menu that provides quick access to modifier keys. Serif also announces that its apps are compatible with iPadOS 16.

Finally, the company has set up a universal license for its suite. By making a single payment, users will be able to have access to the three software for use on the OS of their choice. The license costs €199, an aggressive pricing policy, particularly in the face of to the giant Adobeand affordable when looking at the individual software prices, set at €84.99 each.

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