the Algerian media blackout on the result of the Morocco-Algeria match

The result of the Morocco-Algeria match, Saturday January 21, 2023, as part of the qualifying tournament for the World Handball Championship co-organized by Sweden and Poland, was not cited in the Algerian media. And for good reason: the Atlas Lions had the misfortune to win…

In the Algerian media, there is no trace of the Morocco-Algeria match played yesterday at the Orlen Arena in Plock, Poland. We should not be surprised by this blackout, as the reason is so obvious.

The Atlas Lions won with a score of 28-27. And it is customary, in the eastern neighbor, that any good performance by Moroccans is not welcome on the news feed.

This applies even when it comes to a planetary tournament: we prefer to zap the name of the Kingdom, implying that an opponent played alone and lost against… no one.

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We had proof of this during the 2022 World Cup where Walid Regragui’s men shone with a thousand lights, reaching the semi-finals, arousing the admiration of football enthusiasts all over the world… Well, except in Algeria.

The sad sentence inflicted on the former CEO of the Algerian TV channel, who was brutally dismissed, because of the simple evocation of the name of Morocco, is still fresh in our memories.

We therefore understand why the Algerian media ignored the result of the Morocco-Algeria match: fear seems to haunt people’s minds, and the fear of the relentlessness of the junta in power flouts the very principle of informing .


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