the always-on display gets better with a long-awaited option

Apple is refining the operation of the always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro. The iOS 16.2 update indeed corrects the major weak point identified by users.

Apple has just released the third beta version of iOS 16.2 update. This new firmware release brings long-awaited improvements to the always-on display of iPhone 14 Pro. Apple will indeed make it possible to deactivate the continuous display of the wallpaper and the notifications received.

If you disable these settings, the only items visible on the locked screen will be widgets (stock market, reminders, calendar, etc.) and the time. The screen background is then replaced by a solid black, which should reduce the energy consumption of the option.

Until now, the touch screen of the iPhone continued to display the wallpaper once locked. Apple was content to reduce background brightness to save the battery. Once the iOS 16.2 update is installed, the lock screen of the iPhone 14 Pro will finally be able to work like that of an Android smartphone.

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How to make the always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro more discreet?

Since the release, many users have complained about the operation of the always-on screen. After several weeks spent with theiPhone 14 Pro Max, we still regularly consult the screen thinking that we have received a message. Placed on a table, the smartphone continues to attract the eye because of the obscured wallpaper and notifications. It takes a long time to get used to breaking the habit of looking at your phone every five minutes.

iPhone 14 pro always on

If these elements bother you as much as we do, you can finally get rid of them. For turn off wallpaper and notificationsit will be necessary to carry out the manipulation below after installing the iOS 16.2 update:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to Brightness and Display
  • Go to the Always On Display section
  • Two new options have been added: Show Wallpaper and Show Notifications
  • Just uncheck them

In the beta, these elements are in English. Obviously, these settings will be displayed in French in the final version of iOS 16.2. Note that it is also possible to completely disable the always-on screen in the same section.

Other new features of iOS 16.2

The iOS 16.2 update has other new features. Let us first mention the arrival of Freeform app announced at WWDC 2022. It is an interactive whiteboard that allows collaborating with other users online. The application makes it possible to share notes, drawings or even files (documents, videos, audios, URLs, etc.) through the Cloud. Very intuitive, the application incorporates several elements of the Notes interface.

We also noticed the addition of two widgets related to the Health application. These offer to remind you to take your medication at a pre-defined time. Apple has also integrated two widgets for the Sleep application. These elements highlight the time you spent in bed, the time you woke up and went to bed.

ios 162

Finally, Home app benefits from an upgrade to the new architecture Matter, the standard that wants to revolutionize the connected home. For the application to offer this update, you will first need to update your HomePods with beta 16.2.

Apple has not yet communicated on the official deployment date of iOS 16.2. According to the latest news, the update will be available on compatible iPhones from December 12, 2022. In any case, this is what suggests Eve’s website, a brand of HomeKit compatible connected objects. The site ensures that the new Matter standard will be accessible on its devices from this date after an iOS update.

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