the always-on screen turns off when you leave the room with your Apple Watch

While the release of the iPhone 14 is fast approaching, the famous always-on screen of the Pro model continues to be talked about. According to Youtuber Felixba, who was able to test the smartphone in advance, the latter uses the user’s Apple Watch to detect when the user leaves the room without it. It can then turn off automatically to save battery power.

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Officials since last week, the iPhone 14 are now waiting in stores. If, overall, the new flagship differs little from its predecessor, a feature nevertheless stirs up the hype of aficionados of the apple brand. It is of course about the always-on screenalready present on Android for over a year and which is finally arriving on Apple smartphones.

The Cupertino company certainly lingered on the latter during the presentation, but it would seem that some secrets still remain. Indeed, according to Youtuber Felixba who was able to test the smartphone in preview, Apple Watch owners will be able to take advantage of a special feature allowing them tosave battery of their device.

The iPhone 14 Pro will save its battery thanks to the Apple Watch

Traditionally, on Android, the always-on screen turns off automatically when the user puts his smartphone in his pocket, so that he does not consume autonomy unnecessarily. It is therefore quite natural that we find the same operation on theiPhone 14, with a small personal addition. Thus, if the user leaves the room with his Apple Watch on the wrist without his smartphone, the screen will also turn off by itself.

It is interesting to note that the manufacturer has not yet communicated officially on the subject. It is therefore appropriate to wait to have the iPhone 14 in your hands before affirming the existence of the functionality with certainty. That being said, knowing the point of honor that Apple makes to offer a complete and interdependent ecosystem between all its products, this eventuality is not surprising in itself.

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As a reminder, pre-orders for the iPhone 14 have been open since September 9. With the exception of the Plus model, the first deliveries will take place from September 16 next.

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