The Ameli account will soon be enriched with a new feature

Health Insurance will set up a new service for policyholders. Indeed, to better inform them of the progress of their file and to speed up the processing of applications, it will offer current 2023 a new teleservice allowing an insured person to deposit a missing receipt directly into the Ameli account for the proper processing of his case.

In detail, the policyholder concerned will receive an email inviting him to deposit the missing document in his Ameli account. Make sure you have entered a valid email address!

As a reminder, the Ameli account already offers many practical and easy-to-use services that most often save the insured time in their administrative procedures:

  • order your Vitale card;
  • report the loss or theft of your Vitale card;
  • download certificates;
  • change your bank details;
  • request or renew your complementary health insurance online (CSS) via the section “Complete a process / Make a request for complementary health solidarity”;
  • apply for your European health insurance card (EHIC)
  • declare your new address;
  • declare the birth of a newborn;
  • access its prevention space…
  • check the course of his payments and reimbursements as well as those of his beneficiaries via the “My payments” tab
  • exchange with Health Insurance via messaging…

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