the AMMC approves the information note relating to the takeover bid

In a note published on September 15, the Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) informed the public that it approved on September 15, 2022 the information note relating to the Public Withdrawal Offer Mandatory relating to LYDEC shares at the initiative of VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT SA acting in concert with its wholly-owned subsidiary, VIGIE 50 AS, under reference VI/EM/025/2022.

The main characteristics of this public offer are as follows:

Number of securities targeted: 127,113 shares;

Offer price: MAD 262 per share, detached coupon;

Maximum amount of the offer: 33,303,606 DH;

Duration of the offer: from September 23 to October 6, 2022 inclusive.

The information note will shortly be published in a journal of legal announcements.

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