The anguish of King Solomon (Cohen) at Orange. And the Karmitz family

What will have to be planned, provisioned, broken? to acquire new customers, achieve profitability in 2023 and take care of customer journeys is a real subject, worthy of the aggregation of philosophy, one of the most difficult, it seems. En-Contact unveils its editorial calendar for the year 2023: abandon Genesys? (too expensive), go to Carthage, Tunisia (to do telemarketing there)? And finally taking care of Gen Z in stores and in businesses are some of the suggestions and topics covered. The employee experience is not just a matter of table football and self-service coffee lattes.

The first independent and international magazine dedicated solely to customer service and experience (it has existed since 2000), En-Contact, just like Fakir is a widely read newspaper and angry with almost everyone. It evokes: CRM, KYC, recipes for a good BPO, useful and often boring stuff, but which can change lives and customer journeys. And without having been invited to San Francisco, by Salesforce. And more discreet or confidential characters or issues.

From left to right: Frédéric Durand (Diabolocom) on the terrace of his offices – the cover of Mathieu Lauverjat’s first novel – Céline Forest, Brand Communication and Customer Experience Director NW Groupe

“For 2023, we have tried to identify the five or six key subjects in our universes and adapted to the very particular context of the year which is beginning, indicates Manuel Jacquinet, its publisher: we are going to attack by unveiling recipes from King Solomon, at Orange (Salomon Cohen is a figure in our industry, very rarely interviewed) in charge of acquiring new private clients. We’ll go to Hipto and tagadamedia, which we think are as effective as many media agencies in generating new biz, and have breakfast at Diabolocom: Rue de la Paix, where the publisher’s offices are located, retail and customer journeys, we know. We attack the year elsewhere with the interview of the author of “Client Mystère”, an incredible first novel by Mathieu Lauverjat, which immerses us in the control of processes and the customer experience at the SNCF, at McDo or at Center Parcs. An incredible thriller, where love has not disappeared. In a nod to my first profession (bookseller), and because I believe that books, a film or an encounter can constitute memorable experiences and change the course of your life, or the growth of your small business, each file of the month refers to a work that we might want to discover. Twenty euros judiciously invested can generate ROI. 2023 must and will be the year of happy frugality! Our magazine has the ambition, more than ever, to help and inform cinema exhibitors, second-hand bicycle dealers, as well as the Chief Digital Officer of the CAC40, small and large entrepreneurs convinced that the SBAM is not dead. Smile, Hello, Goodbye, Thank you.

Download the 2023 editorial calendar here

To fully understand what In-Contact is, watch this video.

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