The association “Do not touch my child” seizes Infantino

Following the unsportsmanlike attacks against the Moroccan team during the final of the Under-17 Arab Football Cup (U17) organized and won in Algeria, the association Touche pas à mon enfant seized the FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, to express his “outrage” and “extreme disappointment” and called for an investigation.

“The Touche Pas A Mon Enfant organization expresses its disappointment and indignation following the unfortunate events produced during the final of the Arab Cup of Football for the under-17s, organized in Algeria”, indicated the association of protection from childhood.

“The local fans invaded the field at the end of the match and they cowardly attacked the players of the Moroccan selection” under the eyes of the Algerian security represented by a mediocre number of gendarmes in sports uniforms, added the association in a statement. press release following her letter to the FIFA President in which she stresses that these incidents threatened the physical safety of children in a foreign country.

Touche Pas A Mon Enfant, recalls that football is a sport that conveys human values, mutual respect, love and friendship between peoples, and that these values ​​”must imperatively be respected in a sporting context, despite of the existence of political misunderstandings”.

The young Moroccan players “have been deliberately touched, and their physical integrity seriously threatened, the consequences of these actions are not only bodily but also emotional”, notes the fulminant press release from the NGO.

The players of the Moroccan selection, all minors, were attacked first by their Algerian counterparts even though the latter had won the final match. On the images of the match we could see an Algerian player inflicting a strike on the head of the Moroccan goalkeeper and escaping.

This attack was followed by a reaction from the Moroccan player, before a group of Algerian players violently attacked him, knocking him down. Images of Algerian players with bloody jerseys on the surface, uninjured having circulated on social networks, showed the extent and intensity of the blows inflicted on Moroccan players.

In this context, the Moroccan association for child protection indicated that it had contacted the highest international authorities, FIFA officials “to open an investigation”, considering that it is important to give young Cubs back of the Atlas “their dignity but also to promote the notion of human rights”.

The NGO recalls that Algeria, as the organizing country and according to the specifications, had to ensure the safety of its guests, and accuses it of having failed “the main duty, as well as the elementary rules imposed by good neighbourliness, especially in view of the considerable number of openly hostile supporters”.

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