The Bbox Ultym takes 1 euro, but remains competitive.

Bbox Ultym: state-of-the-art equipment

The elegant case is black, design, and vertical. It is the Bbox Ultyma luxury modem offered with the Bouygues Telecom Premium subscription:

  • Performance of the fiber version with downlink speed up to 2 Gbpsand an upload speed of up to 900 Mb/s: it’s huge, even if it’s not the market record, and it’s more than enough to watch the latest Netflix series without bugs or slowdowns, even in high definition.
  • Power of Latest generation 6E Wi-Fi : the ultimate home wireless connection, with 3 frequency bands, and smart Wi-Fi to alternate between them and always choose the best bandwidth. The advantage is to be able connect multiple devices simultaneously without loss of flow.
  • Premium service with the “free Wi-Fi diagnosis”, just to know where the box will be best placed in the accommodation to distribute the signal, and if one or two repeaters will be necessary. In 2022, the operator Bouygues Telecom was also elected best Wi-Fi operator according to nPerfthe barometer of Internet connections.
  • Guaranteed internet service with a 50 GB 4G mini box on demand.

A string of services

Since we are in the category of high-end Internet subscriptions, there are no surprises telephony: unlimited to landlines and mobiles in France, Europe and Switzerland, as well as to landlines in more than 110 destinations. Something to wish the Chinese New Year to your friends around the world!

The TV offer includes a 4K HDR TV Box decoder. It is compatible with a smart-TV, ideal for enjoying an “immersive cinema experience” from the living room sofa: image quality and precision, exceptional slow motion, brightness and sound… In addition, it already contains the best-known applications, and communicates via Wi-Fi: one less wire that will hang around the living room!

100 hours of recording will probably be enough to record the favorite programs of the whole family, to choose from a bouquet of 180 generalist or thematic channels. Moreover, with the app, these same channels are also accessible from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Icing on the cake: Bouygues Telecom offers 6 months of subscription to Disney+ and SALTO to any new subscriber.

The inevitable rise: what consequences?

The entire Telecoms sector has been affected by generalized inflation for several months. Like its colleagues and competitors, Bouygues Telecom could not ignore a price increase, even minimal. But always concerned about its hypercompetitive positioning on the market, this increase of 1 euro is rather symbolic, and does not a priori call into question the operator’s reputation for better value for money. Let’s compare instead:

The first year, the Bbox Ultym is now displayed at €30.99 per month. Rounding up to the nearest penny, opposite it, we find:

  • the Freebox Delta is almost 40 euros : a huge price difference, but a shared speed 4 times greater, an unequaled package of 270 channels, more free TV content the first year… A price that ultimately pays for itself quickly with a large or blended family, or at least in all homes where there are multiple screens. And if we add the Free Series 5G package at half price…
  • with almost identical hardware and performance, the Orange Livebox Max is close to €35integrating only 140 channels, and 6 months free of Paramount+, the new streaming platform launched in December
  • The subscription SFR Premiumwith its brand new SFR Box 8, and even a connected speaker, is at 32€ all stack. Netflix, Disney+, and all the family package channels are free for 6 months: this is by far the most generous discovery offer of all. But it is also the only Premium package where the repeater must be rented for 3 euros per month. Damage !

In conclusion, we validate that despite this extra euro, the Bbox Ultym remains the cheapest premium subscription on the marketand that its position in the leading square changes little.

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