The Bear note-taking app is getting closer to version 2 (in beta)

The excellent Bear notebook is in the process of polishing its second major version and you can already test it, too. To participate in the beta, just report you here and the developers will share you early access for macOS. Note that the platform is also available in its original version; to install it, you need a computer running macOS 10.11 at least.

For those who do not know it, Bear proudly displays itself as a solution of choice for the language Markdown. For example, you can use it to create colorful to-do lists, to identify your favorite links with a certain layout or to store photos and prepare recipes. A very effective search field is also included to find its content in the blink of an eye.

Bear beta

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What’s new with Bear 2?

Although Bear 2 has not yet been released in final version, we already have some key hints about what could come with its next edition, thanks to the beta. In particular, it will be possible to find text in images, as Apple recently offered on its own operating systems. A statistics module (number of words, reading time, number of paragraphs) is also being tested. Handy for anyoneA great alternative to the Notes app that comes standard on Macs and iPhones. who share their notes with those around them or for work.

With this, users will also be able to pin tags to then sort their notes more easily. Finally, the creators of Bear imagined a sort of summary (or table of contents) to be developed to make reading even easier and less distracting.

Bear beta

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The final version is awaited

Only downside: it seems that the release of the final version is taking a long time, so the user testimonials unhappy flock to different social networks. Let’s bet that the publisher is aware of this and is working to resolve the bugs as quickly as possible.

For the more impatient, Bear also offers a client for AppleWatchan iPad client, and integration with the Messages app on those same devices.

Bear beta

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