The budget deficit at 25.1 billion DH at the end of October (TGR)

The budget deficit eased at the end of October compared to the situation a year ago. The situation of Treasury expenses and resources shows a budget deficit of 25.1 billion DH at the end of October 2022, against a budget deficit of 47.1 billion DH a year earlier, according to the General Treasury of the Kingdom (TGR).

“This deficit takes into account a positive balance of 35.2 billion dirhams generated by the special accounts of the Treasury (CST) and the State services managed autonomously (SEGMA)”indicates the TGR in its monthly bulletin of public finance statistics (BMSFP) for the month of October 2022.

In detail, gross ordinary revenue reached 243.1 billion DH against 211.2 billion DH at the end of October 2021, an increase of 15.1%, notes the TGR. This is explained by the increase in direct taxes by 25.2%, customs duties by 21.7%, indirect taxes by 14.6% and registration and stamp duties by 17.1%, as well as the drop in non-tax revenue of 12%.

Concerning the expenses issued under the general budget, they amounted to 347.2 billion DH over the same period, up 11% compared to their level at the end of October 2021, due to the increase of 16.2 % of operating expenses, 12% of investment expenses and the 3% drop in budgeted debt charges.


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