The Casablanca Stock Exchange adopts a new index naming

The Casablanca Stock Exchange proceeded, on Tuesday, to the adoption of a new standardized naming of the indices under the signature “Masi”.

Announced during a press conference held under the theme “the new indices of the Casablanca Stock Exchange”, this approach consists of the adoption of a single and standardized reference strategy, in this case the Masi signature recognized as a reference of the Moroccan stock market and benefiting from a great notoriety.

All indices now carry “masi. as the fixed first part of their denomination, followed by a reference to each index as the second part of the name. Thus, the “Morocco Stock Index 20” becomes “masi.20”, the “Casablanca ESG 10” becomes “masi.esg” and the sector indices, which measure the performance of each listed sector, become “masi.transport”, “masi .health”, “masi.leisure and hotels”, etc. Stock market indices, designed to reflect market trends and serve as a barometer and benchmark for portfolio managers, are essential devices to support the development and liquidity of any stock market.

With this objective, but also in order to support the financing of national companies and to integrate new international trends, the Casablanca Stock Exchange has overhauled its range of indices.

This project was carried out in partnership with the Scientific Committee for Indices, drawing inspiration from international best practices, in close collaboration with market professionals and the various players. This overhaul resulted in three main developments: the consolidation of all the indices of the Casablanca Stock Exchange under the signature “Masi”, the widening of the range by the adoption of a new index for small and mid-caps and the expansion of the Casablanca ESG index from 10 to 15 stocks.

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