The CESP publishes the 2022 audit of Cinexpert, the cinema audience measurement

The CESP audited Cinexpert, cinema audience measurement, at the request of the CNC advertising institute carried out by the Vertigo institute.

In its report, the CESP considers the Cinexpert scoping study to be satisfactory, the Vertigo Institute has followed the CESP’s recommendations by integrating a base of fixed telephones to diversify the profiles questioned.

The CESP inspectors completed the audit by listening to the work of the investigators live. It recommends, however, basing the theoretical target of individuals living in a compound household child(ren) aged 3 to 14 on official public data available from INSEE.

As the respondent profile seems to be correlated with the number of call attempts made, the CESP recommends defining a strict protocol in order to contact each number in a consistent manner.

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