The competition, the role of the captains, the limits not to be exceeded… Didier Deschamps says everything about his rules before the World Cup

French coach Didier Deschamps has revealed his “internal regulations” imposed on the Blues for the 2022 World Cup.

The French team is about to challenge its title of World Champion. Karim Benzema’s teammates will start the competition on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 against Australia for the first match of Group D.

No preferential treatment

After the success of 2018, Didier Deschamps seems to have refined his recipe to keep his group focused until the last day. In an interview given to Prime Videothe French technician detailed his method.

They know that I protect them, because in the media I will defend them no matter whatsaid the coach of the Blues. The main thing is the internal. Don’t forget what got us so high. »

This weekend, the Blues took part in their last league matches. They can finally gather for the ultimate preparation less than a week before the start of the World Cup.

Currently, those that I will select, they will all be very happy. But, they’re all going to want to be in the XI. It will not be possiblehe continued. But you have to make sure to keep everyone and spend time with those who are not playing. But they are all competitors. If I play A at the expense of B, then A is better. But B will not accept it, because he thinks he is better than A. »

Didier Deschamps therefore fears internal tensions about each other’s playing time. In order to avoid any misunderstanding between his men, the coach has already set a course of action.

The limit is that they do not intervene in my choiceshe explained. But we talk about their organization to get their feelings before deciding. And I don’t just talk, I listen too. If I have something to tell them, they’ll get it. I always did. »

In order to illustrate his point, Didier Dechamp gave the example of the Karim Benzema case. ” He has the Ballon d’Or, but that doesn’t change anythinghe said. He will have the same place, and the same role. It sheds more light on him. The most important thing is that it does not change him. »


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