The day Diana wanted to send a message to the queen with the color of her nail polish

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A gesture that had not gone unnoticed.

The British royal family must comply with a very strict protocol, it is well known. Among all these rules of conduct, there is a very specific dress code. From the feet to the head, through the nails, everyone must respect the rules. For example, varnishes with too bright colors are not allowed. Only transparent, light pink and beige shades are allowed. Kate Middleton also very often opts for pink “Ballet Slippers”, from the Essie brand, just like the late Queen Elizabeth II did. The other colors, on the other hand, are considered to be “vulgar” and therefore have no place in the royal family.

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A rule that Lady Diana scrupulously respected until she was divorced. In fact, the princess subsequently broke the protocol several times in protest in view of the strained ties she had with her former in-laws. Her most striking outfit is undoubtedly the “revenge dress”, a mermaid dress above the knees and with bare shoulders, which she wore in 1994 for a charity evening organized by the magazine Vanity Fair. That day, in addition to this very special outfit, she had opted for a bright red manicure. A choice that was of course anything but trivial.

“She was clearly angry (…) She was wearing bright red nail polish, which we had never seen her do before. She was like, ‘Let’s be mean tonight'”revealed Christina Stambolian, famous designer, who went behind the scenes of the preparation of Lady Di for this event in the book Diana: A Life in Dresses, published by Acc Art Books. A clothing choice that had not gone unnoticed, neither in the eyes of the public, nor in those of the queen, and which still makes people talk today.

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