the day the band “nearly got murdered” in France

From Johnny Hallyday to the Beatles, via James Brown and Chuck Berry, Jean-Marie Perrier has photographed the greatest. In 1965, he accompanied the Rolling Stones on tour.

I was crazy about Mike (Jagger, editor’s note) and I really liked Brian (Jones, editor’s note). A guy like Mick had a beauty that represented the future, he was sublime and he was intelligent and then they invented things, these guys on stage, they are the ones I preferred”, confides the photographer on RTL in D-Day.

“We were in 65, on tour and Mike said to me: ‘After the show, find me a car so we can go back to Paris’. We were in Lyon and he had to fly the next day. I find myself alone with the rolling stones who sleep in the back. And at 4am, they wake up and say to me: ‘We’re hungry, isn’t there anything to eat?’ But to 4am, in 65, there was not much and I came across a restaurant on the road”, he explains.

Made up and with boas around their necks, the rolling stones do not go unnoticed in the restaurant on the road. “It was christmas trees who enter (in the establishment, editor’s note), so the truckers did not like it at all. […] I assure you, we almost got murdered (…) So it starts badly and fortunately, they (the Rolling Stones, note) did not speak French. We were ssaved by a group of young fanswhich we used to create a diversion and leave”, recalls Jean-Marie Périer.

What does he think of the evolution of photography today?

At 82, the one nicknamed “the yéyé photographer”, has seen photography evolve. “The photo as I made it no longer exists at all. You know the Internet and smartphones have changed everything and everyone can take pictures, and I find that very good, but that has nothing to do with it anymore. For example, what I like is to see that I am doing exhibitions, with 350 huge prints, there is no retouching“, supports Jean-Marie Perier on RTL.

Photography evolves, stars and their images too. If today the personalities pay attention to the image they send back, at the time, Jean-Marie Perrier explains that this was not the case. “In my time, my luck, is that there was no image problem, they (the stars, editor’s note) didn’t even know they had one. They agreed on everything, from Sheila in Joan of Arc, in Sylvie (Vartan, editor’s note) in Bécassine”, he says smiling.

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