The declaration on Ciryl Gane who will make Francis Ngannou mad with rage!

Francis Ngannou explains how he will finish Ciryl Gane at UFC 270

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Ciryl Gane made an impression with her victory at UFC Paris, with a memorable performance in front of a fired audience. He’s back at Mountain peak after his defeat against Francis Ngannou, and according to a specialist, he would even have passed the Predator in the hierarchy!

After her loss to Francis Ngannou last January, the first of her career, no one really knew how Ciryl Gane would bounce back. Was he going to have the strength of character necessary to question himself and learn from this experience, was he going to lose confidence and approach the fights with the handbrake? These questions seem far away after UFC Paris.

Because during the main event of this historic evening, against an opponent as powerful as Tai Tuivasa, Bon Gamin showed that he had the soul of a champion. Not only did he not suffer the pressure of a public totally committed to his cause, but he also showed a crazy resilience. Knocked down on a devastating right, the native of La Roche-sur-Yon was saved by a crazy elementbefore resuming its forward march.

Henry Cejudo amazed by Ciryl Gane!

Back in the fight, he was able to demonstrate all his intelligence by targeting the body before aiming for the head, with the firm intention of putting his opponent to sleep, it’s no is unavailable until 2023 ! Some specialists see it differently after this success, and according to former champion Henry Cejudo, Ciryl Gane would now be the biggest possible opponent for Jon Jones.

Ciryl Gane is a threat to every heavyweight on the planet. After his win I immediately texted Jon Jones saying, “Watch out for this guy. You’re going to have to have a real plan of attack to face him. Stipe Miocic who? Ciryl Gane is a real danger. After his last fight, I think he’s a bigger threat to Jon than Francis Ngannou.

What I liked about his approach is that he spent so much time in his body work before finally delivering a big head kick. Ciryl Gane is a real terror my man. A fighter who can do such undermining work before putting his opponent to sleep… That’s really all I like to see, it was a magnificent performance.

For Henry Cejudo, Ciryl Gane would now be the No. 1 terror among heavyweights, ahead of Francis Ngannou who is nevertheless the champion. It must be said that the Frenchman was masterful against Tai Tuivasa, and he displayed a unique style in the queen category, much more complex than that of the Cameroonian. According to Cejudo, Jon Jones will have to spend much more time preparing a fight against Bon Kid than against the Predator.

Ciryl Gane did well during his victory at UFC Paris. Not only did he find the taste of victory, but he also sent a clear message to the rest of the heavyweights: he will now be very difficult to beat. Even the GOAT Jon Jones would be in danger according to his own friend!

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