The dirty trick that Real Madrid is preparing for UEFA

Real Madrid reportedly take financial precautions to play dirty trick on UEFA

In the eyes of many, Real Madrid seem to have transformed from a club with extravagant spending, willing to pay dearly for football’s biggest stars, to a large, well-run club that invests sensibly. Once again Los Blancos seem to be taking financial precautions.

That said, the risk they are preparing for is of their own making. According to a report from vozpopuli, picked up by Mundo Deportivo, Real Madrid are saving money to survive several seasons without Champions League revenue. This is a measure taken in case they are expelled from Europe’s premier competition due to their continued presence in the Superleague.

Juventus, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are still present in the separatist competition, but so far seem to have escaped any sanction. The European Court of Justice is currently seized of a case which will determine UEFA’s sanctioning power, the outcome of which is expected this winter.

Real Madrid have prepared up to €780m in their funding and have credit available should they be needed. Los Blancos also plan to double the value of the club in the next three years, with the completion of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu renovation.

Two things can be considered from this news. Either Real Madrid aren’t sure of winning the trial or Los Blancos intend to take further steps towards a Superleague in the near future.


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