The first Casablanca series comes out this Wednesday

The Shahid Original streaming platform will this Wednesday allow users of its application to discover the emblematic districts of the metropolis through its very first Moroccan series “Casa Street”.

Directed by Ali El Mejboud and produced by “Perfect Production”, the series takes us on an adventure revisiting many symbolic places in the economic capital, in particular Place Nevada, the “Al Ank” lighthouse, west of port of the city, or the Hotel Excelsior, the first large hotel establishment to settle outside the medina.

“Casa Street” tells the story of three young heroes, Nassim, Badr and Hamza, who find themselves embarked on a crazy adventure after discovering a bag containing a large sum of money. Viewers will be treated to captivating scenes of empathy for the main characters, hatred for the “Bad Guys” and affection for the themes of redemption and friendship, which take center stage in Casa Street.

Pursued from all sides by dangerous people, Nassim and his two friends will face the dark environments of the white city, in an adventure where friendship is their only recourse to overcome obstacles.

Exuding incredible tenderness and astonishing strength, the young girl Nassim decides to leave her parents to take refuge in the streets of the city. Faced with an inevitable danger following an irreversible decision, she finds herself facing the beginning of a very tumultuous new life. In the districts of the metropolis, Nassim will meet Badr and Hamza, his new inseparable adventure companions.

A cast made up of young talents and revelations with Salma Kamal, Amr Assil, Akram Souhail, accompanied and supported by confirmed actors: Rabii Skalli, Ouidad Elma, Meryem Zaïmi, Anas Basboussi, Kaoutar Boudarraja, Raouia, Reda Alaoui, Mourad Hmimmou, Malik Akhmis, Faty Jamali, Abdeslam Bouhcini, Nabil Atif, Driss Diouri Ayad, Abdelilah Basboussi…

The broadcast of the first season of the series on “Shahid Original” is thus scheduled for January 25.


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