The future Mac Pro Apple Silicon seems less and less scalable

Will the Mac Pro with Apple Silicon chips be little more than a somewhat bulky Mac Studio? This is what seems to be looming according to Mark Gurman in a tweet : the future computer should thus keep the design cheese grater turn as we know it, with the possibility of changing only the internal storage “by hand”. Everything else, ie the processor, graphics card and RAM, will be soldered into the machine. In other words, you will have to choose your options with the greatest care when ordering…

With the architecture developed by Apple for its chips, we suspected that the future Mac Pro would not be as scalable as the current version (which certainly is, but this requires more or less proprietary components). Nevertheless, the same Gurman had suggests a month ago that the GPU, in addition to the storage, could be changed by the user. The possibilities are dwindling, unless suddenly Apple allows external graphics cards (eGPU) but that seems very unlikely.

Let’s console ourselves by remembering the Mac Pro “trash” format of 2013 in which it was simply impossible to replace a component…

This Mac Pro would still have some advantages, starting with an integrated GPU that could have up to 76 cores, in what will probably be the M2 Ultra. The M1 Ultra can be configured with 64 GPU cores (38 for the M2 Max). The tower would offer better cooling performance, which should be interesting in terms of optimal performance on long duration calculations.

As for an “Extreme” M2 chip that could have landed in this Mac Pro, Apple would have abandoned it. This monster, equipped with 45 CPU cores and up to 152 graphics cores (!), would no longer be relevant due to production difficulties and costs – both for Apple and for the user.

Mac Pro: a modular Mac, but no “M2 Extreme” version?

Mac Pro: a modular Mac, but no “M2 Extreme” version?


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