The good deal of the iMac M1 on the Refurb Store (-21%)

Last week, Apple increased the prices of the iMac M1 in Europe: they are now starting at €1,549 on the Apple Store instead of €1,449 previously. But if the prices of new have increased, this is not the case for Apple’s refurbished products on the Refurb Store : the rates have not changed and now represent a very interesting alternative to save money. It is now possible to earn 20% or 21% depending on the model.

You can indeed find the entry-level model, with two ports and 256 GB of storage, at €1,229 (silver, blue, pink, green) instead of €1,549 (-21%). The higher standard model, with four ports and 256 GB of storage, is €1,419 (silver, blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, orange) instead of €1,779 (-20%). Finally, the high-end model with 512 GB of storage is €1,609 (silver, blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, orange) instead of €2,009 (-20%).

iMac M1 silver Refurb Store

Computers refurbished by Apple and sold on the Refurb Store benefit from the same guarantee as on the classic Apple Store, while their quality is normally indistinguishable from perfectly new models. Availability may vary from day to day, however, as stocks are updated every morning.

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