The Great Gosenberg update drops a trailer, everything we know

In the announcements that you probably missed during Gamescom 2022, there will possibly be the new update of Wartales. Title The Great Gosenbergthe huge update to the title of Shiro Games offers a first trailer. This will also be the opportunity to tell you everything we know about this new update, arriving this month.

A new playground with a long Cluedo-like quest

This first announcement trailer allows us to get to know this new region of Gosenberg and its various inhabitants. Conversely Harag swamps populated by immense dangers oriented Dark Fantasy, the update The Great Gosenberg will return to its first love with a purely medieval appearance. We will have a city with a slightly more Mediterranean climate, but also a structure that will offer rich and poor neighborhoods, mansions, or even brothels. In short, we will have an expanding city with a fairly large playing field, with even rugby blood-bowl.

On the content side, the update will include in this city a huge quest to solve. In effect, one of the seven merchants in town has been murdered, and your goal is to unmask the murderer. To do this, it will logically be necessary to pass by various NPCs by carrying out quests, in order to unearth clues and the truth incidentally. If you manage to find the culprit, you will have to go through a court. However, if you are wrong, you will be fined. Basically, it’s a big chunk of Cluedo coming in and the storytelling is proving to be exciting, with no less than 15-20 hours of gameplay over the lifespan of this patch.

That’s basically all you need to know about this new update. Wartales which promises to be interesting, and note that it will arrive at the end of this month, without further details on PC via Steam.

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