The horoscope for the week of November 14 to 20

This week it’s about your desires, your needs, your finances, your security, your values, your need to do well, sentimental change, psychological change, acceptance, letting go, relaxation . The impression also of running in all directions and of exhausting yourself. The message is to slow down the pressure, to allow yourself to do less or even do nothing…

Scorpiofrom October 24 to November 21

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Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and the South Node of the Moon are having a little meeting in your house. Sacred celebration, sacred change, sacred encounters, connections, vibrations, sacred upheaval, upheaval, relaxation, detachment, sacred awareness, reactions, actions, sensations, emotions. Everything is exacerbated, reinforced. Take advantage of this week to access your dreams, your ambitions and your desires so that they can become reality.

Sagittarius, from November 23 to December 21

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