The importance of network security in business

The management and operation of a company has evolved a lot with the development of digital technology. Most of the organization of a company currently happens through computing. The data center and computer networks are central to the optimal functioning of a structure, hence the importance of network security in business.

In this article we will explain what is meant by network security in business, its importance and what it brings, and some examples of network solutions.

What is Enterprise Network Security?

A large part of the tasks within a company are carried out using a computerized system, consisting of a set of computers and peripherals connected to each other and allowing the communication, storage and exchange of information between members of this structure. This is also called the corporate network.

This network is subject to various factors that can weaken its security: technical failures, cybercrime or handling errors. However, the data stored and exchanged in the network are confidentialthey must be secure.

This network security is implemented at several levels: legal, organizational and technological : like the Forcepoint support which is based on an understanding of human behavior.

corporate network security

The importance of network security in business

Network security is important because it enables the Data protection of the system and facilitates collaborative work.

Data center and networks

A data center is a physical facility used to host a company’s data and applications. It relies on routers, firewalls, switches, application delivery servers and controllers, and storage systems.

Currently, data centers have evolved, they have migrated from physical storage spaces to cloud virtual networks.

A data center supports productivity applications, enterprise resource planning, email, file sharing, customer relationship management, big data, and more.

All this managed by computer, passing through the company’s networks. All this data is not immune to failure, error or cyberattack: this is where the importance of network security comes from!


Among the risks to which a company’s computer networks are constantly exposed is the cybercriminality. It is to deal with this that companies are implementing means to ensure the data protection within their digital infrastructure. This is called the cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity ensures the protection of information systems against hackers and allows the management of data in secure conditions.

Some network security solutions

Several solutions have been developed over the years to ensure the security of corporate networks, at various levels.

Cisco Meraki Solutions

Those are branch and edge network management solutions : they support WLANs, mobile devices, switches, etc., without going through traditional network architectures: everything is centralized in the cloud.

Fortinet Solutions

The Fortinet security framework offers a integrated and automated protection regarding the cloud, security operations, analysis of new applications, enterprise telephone systems, etc.

Nomios networks

They specialize in integration of security and network infrastructures. Nomios offers several offers adapted to the needs of each structure: audit and consulting, support, training, managed services, and long-term support.

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