“The Last of Us”, an adaptation that wins the favor

This is the event of this beginning of the year. The “e Last of Us” series, a postapocalyptic adventure thriller adapted from the famous video game by Neil Druckmann, is broadcast from this Monday on Prime Video. Greeted by rave reviews and a score of 97% on the review aggregator “RottenTomatoes”, the series is on track to sign the first success of the year on streaming platforms, ten years after the release of the video game. on PlayStation.

Adapted by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), the story is faithful to the original game and follows the duo formed by Joel, stalking broken by a tragedy, and Ellie, the teenager he must protect, last hope of a world almost destroyed by a virus, where zombies are rampant.

An issue for HBO

For HBO, which broadcasts the series in the United States on its HBO Max platform, and has just announced a price increase (from 14.99 to 15.99 dollars for the monthly subscription without advertising), the issue is size. In a context where the viewer no longer knows where to turn, so many new series are released every week, the platform clearly remains the benchmark for original series.

The adaptation of an innovative video game

Considered one of the masterpieces of contemporary video games, e Last of Us is a best-seller that has sold more than 37 million copies – cumulatively for the two games, released in 2013 and 2020 respectively. indicates Le Monde, e Last of Us made an impression by taking the clichés of zombie games like Resident Evil backwards, to focus on the emotions of the characters. Many players also praised the rigor of its staging and the performance of the actors. Many were moved to tears by their playing.

The creator of “Chernobyl”

The series was imagined by Craig Mazin, the creator of Chernobyl, the mini-series on the nuclear disaster of 1986. A program which caused a sensation in 2019 and had fascinated the world. Chernobyl was even ahead of Breaking Bad and Game of Rones in the ranking of the most popular series on the IMDb site. Craig Mazin’s new creation logically intrigues series fans. The screenwriter had dreamed for years of adapting the game after failed attempts at the cinema. “Having the chance to adapt this incredible work of art has been my dream for years, and I’m honored to work with Neil,” Craig Mazin said in a statement.

A shocking duo

The casting, considered very faithful to the game, was praised by fans and critics. The popular Pedro Pascal, noted for his role as a shock policeman in the Narcos series, but also for his performances in Game of Rones and e Mandalorian, embodies the hero, Joel. Bella Ramsey, also seen in Game of Rones, is Ellie. This choice was particularly praised by the press and in particular by Rolling Stone. “We have only one desire: to watch them. They are immediately endearing,” writes the magazine. For Time’s review, Bella Ramsey is “the show’s greatest asset”.


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