The Logitech G613, a powerful wireless gaming keyboard, is on sale

[Deal du Jour] Currently on sale, the Logitech G613 keyboard is less than €80. A keyboard designed for gaming, which embeds Lightspeed wireless technology for almost non-existent latency.

What is the promotion on this Logitech keyboard?

Logitech’s G613 gaming keyboard can usually be found around €100. It is currently offered by Amazon at a price of €79.99.

What is this Logitech G613 keyboard?

The G613 is a wireless keyboard designed for gaming. Its Romer-G mechanical switches, unique to Logitech, offer a good level of performance with excellent actuation force. If you are not used to mechanical keyboards, you will probably need some time to get used to the G613. Once apprehended, typing is fluid and comfortable, and the reactivation of the keys is exemplary, on all types of games.

Depending on typing habits and the type of game, the noise will be more or less loud. Even if the Logitech keyboard has a little metallic resonance that is not necessarily pleasant in the long term, the soundproofing of the keys is adequate. L’anti ghosting on ten keys is present, in order to operate up to 10 keys of the keyboard at the same time without error. Finally, the Lightspeed wireless offers a zero-latency keyboard, equivalent to a wired keyboard. It is responsive and can work through a USB transceiver or Bluetooth.

The Logitech G613 keyboard // Source: Logitech
The Logitech G613 keyboard // Source: Logitech

Why is this Logitech keyboard a good deal?

It’s a very good deal if you are looking for a keyboard to play, comfortable and efficient. The G613 is a sober keyboard that does not specifically address a gaming look. The finishes are good, but the keyboard gives a strong impression of mid-range, in particular because of its plastic coating and a feeling of fragility. Moreover, its rather large size with very wide borders makes it a rather bulky keyboard, especially with the integrated palm rest. Despite all the comfort of use and stability are there.

For some a detail, for others a priority, the backlight is absent on this Logitech G613. Luckily, this sacrifice benefits autonomy. You can expect 18 months of use before changing the two AA batteries.

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