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February 8 Aurelion Sol will be entitled to its long-awaited facelift. Initially planned earlier, its redesign will not see the light of day until the 13.3 update. You will then be able to discover the Star Forger in a whole new light, since all of his abilities are about to change. A necessary rework when you know that Aurelion is one of the oldest characters in Summoner’s Rift, but also that he has almost never exceeded the 1% pick rate bar. We peel the new version of this great creature.

Aurelion Sol’s New Abilities

As mentioned above, this is a complete overhaul of Aurelion Sol. This means that all of his previous abilities are gone and a new kit has been created almost from scratch:

Passive: Cosmic Creator – Doing damage with Aurelion Sol’s damage abilities creates stardust. Collecting this stardust enhances all of Aurelion Sol’s other abilities.

A: Breath of light – Aurelion Sol breathes fire in a line, directly damaging the first enemy hit and dealing reduced damage to nearby enemies. Each additional second Breath of Light damages an enemy, it deals a burst of additional damage. These bursts grant stardust, and their damage is increased by already accumulated stardust.

W: Astral Flight – Aurelion Sol flies to a target location, and back. When flying, Aurelion Sol is more visible to enemies, but can hover over terrain and use other abilities. While airborne, Breath of Light has no cooldown or maximum channel duration, and deals increased damage. The accumulation of stardust increases the range of Astral Flight. Once used, Astral Flight’s cooldown is reduced when an opponent that Aurelion Sol has recently damaged dies.

E: Singularity – This ability allows Aurelion Sol to place a black hole on the ground. This black hole pulls nearby enemies in, damaging anyone in its area. The center of the black hole instantly kills any enemy below a certain health threshold. For each enemy killed by Singularity, and for each second an enemy is caught in the hole, the ability generates Stardust. The more stardust, the larger the size of the Singularity, and the higher the percentage of health at which the center of the black hole executes opponents.

A: Shooting Star / Collapse of the Skies – Aurelion Sol’s ultimate ability has two modes, the basic version known as Shooting Star, and the enhanced version: Collapse of the Skies. Once Aurelion Sol has collected 75 Stardust, the next ultimate used will be Collapse of the Skies.

  • Shooting star – Aurelion Sol slams a star into the ground, dealing damage in a circular area and stunning opponents caught in the explosion. For each enemy champion hit by Shooting Star, additional stardust is awarded. The more stardust Aurelion Sol has, the greater the range of Shooting Star.

  • Heaven’s Collapse – With 75 stardust collected, Heaven’s Collapse can be activated. Its operation is similar to that of falling stars, since once again a star crashes into the earth. This version does more damage and knocks enemies into the air instead of knocking them down. Additionally, the impact creates a shockwave that travels far across the map. Enemies hit by the Shockwave take damage and are slowed for a time. As with Shooting Star, the range of this ability increases with the amount of Stardust acquired.

So much for the overview of this new version of the champion. We will now quietly await its arrival, and count on us to offer you a real guide to crush the competition at the controls of the Star Forger, which could well have its say during the Red Bull Solo Q 2023.

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