The Lou Cariot de Pavie troupe at the Auch theater this Saturday and Sunday

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This Saturday and Sunday, November 20, the troupe Lou Cariot based in Pavie offers two performances at the municipal theater of Auch.

It is becoming a habit for the theater section of the rural home: for the third time in a little over a year, it will find the boards of the Italian theater of the prefecture for a performance proposed by Initiativ’retraite 32 for the benefit of the Food Bank. It is with their great success of the season, the comedy “Les Belles-Sœurs”, that the 7 fans of Lou Cariot are expecting a large audience for two performances scheduled for this Saturday, at 8.30 p.m., and Sunday, November 20, at 4 p.m. hours.

After Jaoui and Bacri for “Un Air de famille” and Christian Dob for “Salade de nuit”, it is Eric Assous who is on the program with this 2007 comedy. The title “Les Trois Frères” having already been taken, the he author has opted for this mirror title of “Belles-Sœurs”, three women whom everything opposes but who happen to bring together. This same chance that will make the “surprise” invitation of the strange and seductive Talia the starting point for a series of revelations that will upset the beautiful scheduling of an ordinary evening and turn the family meal into a nightmare. .

Those who liked “Un Air de famille” will not be out of place and will find a close tone in this family camera, with a form of fatal gearing of revelations. Once again, the adults of the rural home troupe have slipped into the skin of these somewhat offbeat characters with a naturalness and a pleasure that they are only asking to share.

Liliane Dazéas, Céline Laporte, David Lucbernet, Alain Dispan, Clément Gipon, Marie Sturam and Marzia Pullio will be on stage.

The welcome will be one hour before each performance and seating will be free.

Single price: 12 euros (on site or in presale on Reservations with Initiativ’retraite 32, at

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