The Mac mini M2 doesn’t do everything better than the M1

Last week, Apple unveiled the new Mac mini M2 as well as the 2023 MacBook Pro. Overall, these new models feature improved performance, but not in every aspect.

MacBook Pro 14″ M2 Pro at the best price Base price: €2,399

Slower hard drives?

A verification conducted by Brandon Geekbit on YouTube notably shows that the SSD read and write speeds of the hard drives of these devices are lower than those of their predecessors.

In detail, the videographer reports that the Mac mini M2 is equipped with a single 256 GB storage chip, while the Mac mini M1 has two 128 GB flash chips, enough to provide faster speeds. high. The observation is the same for the 512 GB Mac mini M2. Equipped with a single chip, its performance will be worse than a model with two.

Improved performance for the 2023 MacBook Pro

On the side of the MacBook Pro 2023, the situation seems the same if we believe the information of 9to5 Mac. However, we must also see that on other aspects, these new models are better than their predecessors. Thus, the M2 Pro of the MacBook Pro 2023 benefits from a fifth more transistors than the M1 Pro. The CPU is advertised as 20% faster, and it’s even 30% when it comes to the graphics card.

You can also read our various articles dedicated to the Mac mini M2 as well as the MacBook Pro 2023 here and the. For your part, were you convinced by the presentation of these new Macs and do you think you’ll fall for one of them? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.

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