the Moroccan play “Brenda” wins the prize for the best theatrical performance

Lhe theatrical performance, which deals in particular with the question of the exploitation of minors, also addresses several subjects that concern Moroccan society and its culture, while relying on musical scenes, in particular rap and hip-hop.

Rooms The sixth column (Kuwait) and The raft (Jordan) tied for the prize for directing, while night of the killers (Egypt) was distinguished for the best scenography and Discord (Iraq) for the best theatrical text.

This cultural event, which was held from November 6 to 14, was marked by the interpretation of plays from several Arab countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan and Morocco.

Ten plays were in the running for the best texts, direction, actor, actress, scenography and show.

The festival jury, chaired by the Jordanian Makhlid Al-Zyoudi, included among its members the Moroccan Said Karimi.

In addition to theatrical performances, the program of the event included a conference under the theme “The role of theater in the wake of the current Arab crises”, as well as several workshops dealing with different aspects of theatre.

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