the Moroccan selection advances to the final

Lthe Atlas Lions in the final. Dominating the game from start to finish, the Atlas Lions opened the scoring with a goal from Abdelatif Fati, before aggravating the score thanks to Khalid Bouzid.

With impressive play, combining power and precision, Hicham Dguig’s men prevailed throughout the game, ending the first half with a goal from Soufiane El Mesrar.

The Atlas Lions resumed the second part of the game with the same concentration and fluidity, allowing them to quickly score their fourth goal with a remarkable shot from Youssef Jouad.

Shortly before the final whistle, Finland managed to score their only goal of the match, which the national team won hands down with a score of 4 goals to 1.

The national team, which had started its participation in the championship with a draw (2-2) against its Thai counterpart, then beat Mozambique on behalf of the second day of the championship, will face Iran in the final.

“This match was very strong, since we played against the Finnish team, ranked among the top 20 futsal teams in the world”said Adil Habil, assistant coach of the Moroccan team, saying “very happy” of this victory.

“The good preparation of the players allowed them to quickly identify the weak points of the opposing team and thus finish victorious at the end of this meeting”Habil said in a statement to the press.

He also said that the national team is ready to face Iran, 6th in the world and best team in Asia, in the final, expressing the determination of the Atlas Lions to win the championship.

This tournament is organized by Thailand in preparation for the Asian futsal championship, scheduled for September 25 to October 20 in Kuwait.

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