“The most precious of goods”, a tale steeped in history

Next show presented at the Ducourneau theatre: “The most precious of goods”, a play directed by Charles Tordjman, with a text by Jean-Claude Grumberg.

Originally, it is a tale, a love story (yes, several types of love), which the playwright Jean-Claude Grumberg wrote with touches of humor and characters worthy of the brothers Grimm. A poor lumberjack and his wife are starving. A goat, a scary ogre, and above all, a baby, a little girl who miraculously fell from a very particular train. This train is one of those that crossed Europe between 1940 and 1944. The trains of hell, of which the baby survived, collected by the couple.

By adapting this work for the stage, Charles Tordjman sought to express all the fear addressed by the writer. Human barbarism almost fades into the profile of magic, a magic that is a tad disturbing: a piano plays terrifying symphonies by itself, sewing machines become weapons, the goat gives milk to whoever knows how to make it sing. Faithful to the original story, the director plays on this fear. We know that Auschwitz is the final destination of the train, we know the fate that awaits the little girl if she is not saved. It is a poetic, angry and powerful tale. Actors EugĂ©nie Anselin, Philippe Fretun and Julie Pilod invent, imagine the end of the world, the apocalypse, sing of disaster. As Charles Tordjman says, “when the world explodes, you have to keep telling stories, true or false”. And at the chorus of this chaos, there is the little girl, this strange commodity escaped from the train… As proof that miracles exist, she embodies “the most precious of commodities”.

To see Thursday, January 19 at 8:30 p.m.

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