The Musical Box brings Genesis back to life on stage in Bordeaux

Of this single-minded tribute band, Phil Collins affirmed, after one of his concerts in Switzerland, that he “plays our music better than we play it ourselves”. As for Peter Gabriel, he says he took his children to one of his performances “to see what their father used to do”.

Since 1994, Denis Gagné has played Peter Gabriel on stage with this group, founded by bassist and artistic director Sébastien Lamothe. “I was 10 years old when my brother, who was four years older than me, brought home the album ‘Foxtrot’,” he explains. “When I came home from school, he handed me the cover and I discovered, while reading the lyrics, ”Supper’s Ready”, this long musical piece that occupies the entire B side. subjugated. And it became obsessive: I listened to it three times a day for months. Nothing else. It even took me a while to listen to the other side of the LP! »

Since then, Denis Gagné has sung and performed “Supper’s Ready” several hundred times on stage. More often than the real Genesis did.

A neurotic rock opera

A cornerstone of the “progressive rock” movement, the conceptual double album “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” (1974-1975) is a unique work in the Genesis repertoire. It’s an adventurous and rather abstruse concept disc, full of satirical references to the consumer society, the sexual revolution, schizophrenia and mythology. The hero, Rael, encounters hypersexual chimeras (the Lamias), newborn babies crawling on the carpet (“Carpet Crawlers”), prisons of stalagmites…

Jealously legally protected, this neurotic rock opera could not have been recreated by The Musical Box without the direct support of Peter Gabriel himself. “Peter was a great help,” continues Denis Gagné. When he heard us, he said ”these are people who reproduce our music in a serious way”. And opened doors for us to everything we needed. »

“Keyboardist Tony Banks also supported us, giving us access to The Farm [le studio historique du groupe, en Angleterre, NDLR]. We spent two full days there listening to the original tapes, track by track, to dissect everything. »

To recreate “The Lamb” on stage, The Musical Box has compiled the rare existing film archives, hundreds of photos… On tour for several years, the show has caused a sensation all over the world.

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