the new DPI Care4U from Dedalus, common theme of the two days of the user meeting

The presence of the Presidents of the two clubs in the respective GA is a strong sign of the rapprochement of the two clubs.

Frédérick Marie, President of the RESO Club and Dr. Gabriel Nisand, President of the DxCare Club, discussed with Emmanuel Mougeotte, Managing Director France of Dedalus, Frédéric Vaillant, Deputy Managing Director of Dedalus, about the future of the RESO and DxCare User Clubs and the convergence of ORBIS and DxCare DPIs.

The clubs want a gradual rapprochement following the convergence of DPI and the arrival of modules in U technology. Exchanges between the clubs are to be scheduled. Both want to be involved in exchanges with ergonomic and functional developments. The arrival of common modules calls for the need to set up working groups bringing together the 2 clubs.

“On this subject, the General Assembly made it possible to obtain the favorable opinion of RESO establishments on this process and to confirm the common vision of the two user clubs regarding this merger: to maintain an organization that carries the voice of user establishments , be associated with the functional and ergonomic developments of the Dedalus offer »reports Frédérick Marie, President of RESO.

Another step will be taken in 2023. The General Assemblies of the clubs with a common day will take place in the city of Strasbourg.


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