The new fiber sand track in Cagnes stands the test of time

This January 16, 2023, date of the start of the flat meeting, which will continue until February 27, the Côte d’Azur racecourse will inaugurate its new fiber sand track. Two events are indeed scheduled that day on the PSF. A track that was given a makeover during the summer and that for the time being only jumpers use in training.

In Cagnes in winter, the program of flat races is made up of 60% of proofs on PSF. The polytrack then makes it possible to escape the pangs of the weather, offering a homogeneity of surface when frost and rain invite themselves. Aging, the Côte d’Azur fiber needed a serious facelift. To maintain its power of attraction, the racing company decided to do better, opting for a new track.

The works, amounting to more than 3 million euros, took place over several months. Between the tests carried out by gallopers from Calas, and the obstacle trainers who have been training there since the beginning of December, the impressions and the feedback are good. Alain Le Tutour, racecourse manager.

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