The next concerts at the Seismograph in Aurillac

“We come with ideas, we discuss and the choice is made”. Xavier Hup is the president of the Seismic Assault association, created to offer several concert dates (eight is the number often presented) in the new room which can host contemporary music concerts, the Seismograph.

Who is hiding behind Seismic Assault, the association responsible for bringing the new concert hall in Aurillac to life?

Quickly done, one evening when the snow covers the asphalt of the social center of Marmiers, the president, Xavier Hup, the vice-president Pierre-Édouard Guerrier and Julien Versange, a very active member, presented the next dates that the association proposes . “We try to program, each time, a first local or regional part, and a headliner”, explains the president. And we welcome “prevention stands on concert evenings”. Concerts begin at 9 p.m.
Last year, the association had 149 members and it is possible to join “from one euro for individuals”, insisted Xavier Hup.

The next dates

Saturday January 28. Dub evening, with Mirkadub followed by Ashkabad.

Saturday February 11. Zaman Zaman, followed by Lions for Lions. “They have a real presence on stage. It’s quite incredible, an almost shamanic universe”, emphasizes Julien Versange.

Lions for lions on the Seismograph stage on Saturday 11 February.

Saturday March 4. As part of Hibernarock, and in coproduction with Cantal Habitat and the social center, the headliner, Aloïse Sauvage, chosen by the inhabitants of the neighborhood from among several artists, will play first. The Ultramodern duo “our carte blanche” will follow (adult, €14; under 12, free).

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Thursday, March 9. The Aurillac duo Obvie followed by Trotski Nautique, as part of the Bassin d’Aurillac Comic Strip Festival (single price, €5).

Bruno Serge Leroy

Convenient. You can book your ticket directly on the association’s website (, and find all the information on Facebook and instagram. Barring exceptions, the prices are modeled on those of the theater (12 €, 10 € and 3 €). Doors open one hour before the start of the concert. Bar on site.


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