The operetta in si(x) legs: beasts of the stage

The Crocambule company presents its show this Saturday November 19 for toddlers at the Théodore-Monod media library, as part of Festi’Petits. Meeting with Antonia Carozzi, author and actress of this solo performance.

The very young audience is demanding, is it complicated to write for them?

Our company is specialized for this audience. I created this show in 2013, it’s my third solo. It’s hard to put words on stage, what counts is the visual and the sensory. What is rewarding with young audiences is that they never come to the theater alone, so there is the double reading of the accompanying person. I have the chance to speak to different levels of reading.

How are the instruments transformed on stage?

My character, Capucine, doesn’t dare sing. She lives adventures with insects which each have their own sound. During her journey, she built her orchestra. Stéphane Puech, who works on oriental music, created the soundtrack for the operetta.

Does this show also seem very visual?

Yes, I thought it up with Barbara Loustalot who created the costumes and the transformation of the instruments into insects. There is also a puppet process during the metamorphoses. We think about how to enrich our life with these funny little beasts around us.

Operetta en si (x) pattes, Saturday 19 November at 10.30 a.m., Théodore-Monod media library. From 1 to 8 years old. Reservation at:

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