The outrageous face of Victor Wembanyama in 2K23 is causing the buzz!

While waiting to land in the league and be able to self-incarnate on console next year, Victor Wembanyama can already be found on NBA 2K23. On the other hand, his appearance is shocking… since it is not his at all!

For months now, the same speech concerning him can be read very regularly on social networks. With his measurements hardly believable and his astronomical potential, Victor Wembanyama looks a lot like a player created from scratch in a video game. For the time being, however, it cannot be found on NBA 2K. Or at least officially… and with his true features.

The face of shame for Victor Wembanyama on 2K23

As he prepares for the new season of Betclic ELITE slamming insolent averages with the Metropolitans 92, Wembanyama has not yet had the right to the treatment reserved for NBA neo-rookies on 2K. Indeed, unlike Paolo Banchero or Chet Holmgren, his face has not yet been scanned by the simulation developers. This was also verified on a recent viral tweet, in which appears the head of his alleged avatar!

But nah, 2K really used my old facescan for Victor Wembanyama in 2K23… 🤣

Everyone will agree on the fact that this face does not at all resemble that of the young French prodigy. And for good reason, since it is that of… American YouTuber Kristopher London, modeled a few years ago in 2K. Would the game’s designers have therefore contented themselves with resuming the videographer’s scan for Wembz? Not really, as internet users and London himself have made it clear:

2K didn’t do this, whoever created this in-game draft class did.

If you didn’t understand that my tweet was a joke then I don’t know what to tell you lol

Failing to be able to find the face of Victor Wembanyama on NBA 2K23, a gamer used that of Kristopher London to embody the French prospect in the video game. A wobbly remedy that will have had the merit of amusing the YouTuber!

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