the Outreau affair reconstituted in a documentary 20 years later

Out of 17 defendants tried at first instance in 2004, originating from Outreau (Pas-de-Calais) and its surroundings, justice will finally retain only four guilty of rape at the end of the appeal trial in 2005.

“Stay dignified, stay sober”

By what gear did an affair of incest take on these proportions? How did those who were imprisoned experience it before even understanding why they were blamed? The documentary attempts to answer these questions.

With this file, which evokes so-called filming of pedophile and zoophilic films, and the murder of a child who never existed, “we can do something spectacular. The challenge was to stay dignified, to stay sober. Above all, no pathos, no self-pity,” explains co-director Olivier Ayache-Vidal.

He makes little use of archives. And one of the great characters of this trial, the current Keeper of the Seals Éric Dupond-Moretti, defense lawyer at the time, for example only makes a furtive appearance. The minister is one of those who refused to speak or were not asked, as were two magistrates from Boulogne-sur-Mer with a decisive role: the examining magistrate Fabrice Burgaud and the prosecutor Gérald Lesigne.

The first, aged in his thirties at the time of the investigation (2001-2003), is now assigned to the Court of Cassation. “Mr. Burgaud thought he had the deal of the century, thought he had an international pedophile network. […] This file obsessed him, ”says a defense lawyer, Fabienne Roy-Nansion, to explain her obstinacy.

“The Outreau affair is the affair of Myriam Badaoui [une mère coupable de viols qui accuse une vingtaine de personnes] who says, who accuses and who is believed,” adds one of his colleagues, Julien Delarue.

Stunning and bitterness

The documentary gives the floor at length to three other magistrates, two police officers including a Belgian, eight lawyers, two television journalists, and above all four acquitted persons. The latter describe their amazement at being accused of child rape. Both Dominique Wiel, priest-worker who lived in the neighborhood, Thierry Dausque, who knew the couple at the center of these accusations, or Daniel Legrand son and Alain Marécaux, dragged into this affair without knowing any of the protagonists.

Another witness for France 2: one of Myriam Badaoui’s children, Jonathan Delay, six years old at the time. He details his vision on this affair where the interrogations follow one another, and his bitterness, in the end, to pass for a “liar” because he did not contradict the accusations launched by his mother.

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